BIO Macedonian Tahini (Sesame Paste) (300g) - "Haitoglou Bros"

BIO Macedonian Tahini (Sesame Paste) (300g) - "Haitoglou Bros"
Net Weight: 300g
Gross Weight: 500g
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Once upon a time, far in the East, Ali Baba stood before a sealed cave & shouted:
"Open sesame!"... & as the sesame fruit opens up to let the seed spill out like gold,
so the cave opened up & all the riches of the world were laid out before him.

These treasures, symbols of the beneficial properties of sesame for man's health, were safeguarded in the traditions of all ancient civilizations. The Indians considered sesame to be "the king of seeds". The  Assyrian gods would drink sesame wine before heading out to battle. Chinese & Japanese used it in remedies while Hippocrates & Galene used it as a medicine. But what is it that makes sesame & its products so unique that ancient civilizations would praise them? Why is tahini, which is ground sesame, considered by the Greeks to be a traditional healthy food?

According to Food Science, sesame & its products are foods with high protein value, particularly rich in certain aminoacids which are lacking in other vegetal foodsA combination of pulse & tahini (ie. hummus) increases the value of the total protein. Sesame oil is particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids & at the same time, sesame is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc & selenium, elements which are necessary for the good function of the human body.

"BIO Macedonian Tahini" from "Haitoglou Bros" is produced using exclusively selected varieties of organic sesame which are dehusked, baked & ground in a traditional way, in stone mills, without any chemicals, preservatives or other additives. The perfect way to receive all the nutritional ingredients of sesame & helps the body to function at its best. Its unique combination of proteins, aminoacids, vitamins & trace elements, provides the body with power & energy. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, contributes to the conversion of fat to energy & maintains the good function of the liver & the nervous & digestive systems.

Tahini... the "treasure" of our health!

Expiry Date: 01-06-2020

  • Ingredients
    100% Ground Organic Sesame Seeds without Additives & Preservatives. The sesame oil separation is a natural phenomenon. Mix well before use.
  • Allergies Warning
  • Nutritional Information
    VALUEper 100 g
    Total Carbohydrates3.6g
    Dietary Fibers8g
    Total Fats60g






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