"Orizontes", BIO Dry White Wine (P.G.I.) - "Elinos Winery"

"Orizontes", BIO Dry White Wine (P.G.I.) - "Elinos Winery"
Net Volume: 750ml (12.2% Vol.)
Gross Weight: 1,300g
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"Orizontes"... a summer wine from the "Preknadi", "Roditis" & "Malagouzia" varieties!

"Orizontes" (horizons) from "Elinos Winery" is a fresh & fruity wine from 3 indigenous Greek white grape varieties. 

"Malagousia" grapes are grown all over Greece & the name appears on many best selling labels. It stands out for its finesse, balance & aromatic qualities. Whether used in blends like in Orizontes or as a single varietal, the grape produces wines of medium alcohol content, with an exceptionally expressive nose & aromas of flowers (rose), white-flesh fruits (pears, mango, peach), herbs (apple geranium, mint, sage) & citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit).
The combination with "Roditis" & "Preknadi" gives a wine with yellow colour & golden highlights. Crisp, fresh, with notes of lemon & citrus peel on the nose, great acidity & beautifully rounded finish.

A wonderful summer wine!

Type: Dry White Wine
Classification: Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.)
Variety: Preknadi, Roditis & Malagouzia (Greek Indigenous Varieties) from Naoussa
Vineyard: South-eastern slopes of Mount Vermio (300 m.), Polla Nera region, Imathia
Vinification: According to the method "blanc de noir", namely by obtaining the white grape must of red grapes. It is a well structured wine with a strong yellow colour that tends to be rose because of the maturation in oak barrels.
Bottling: "Elinos Winery", Fitia, Imathia
Maturation: -
Alcoholic Content: 12.2% Vol.
Ageing Period: -

Expiry Date: 31-12-2020

  • Ingredients
    Dry White Wine from Organic Preknadi, Roditis & Malagouzia Grapes (12,2% Vol.)
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