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Wish & Donate for a Healthy 2021!

Wish & Donate for a Healthy 2021!

Wish & Donate for a Healthy 2021!

Last year brought a lot of changes in our lives. The Covid19 pandemic forced us to keep distances even from our beloved people, wear face-masks for daily activities outside our home & disinfect our hands multiple times per day. A reality that we do not like & we find it very difficult to adapt. But this reality is an integral part of the life of people with haematological diseases (ie Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma) & their relatives.

The pandemic in Greece also exposed the huge deficiencies of Hospitals in medical staff, equipment & materials. We have personally experienced this situation years ago in the "Wing Affection" of the Papanikololaou Hospital in Thessaloniki. A wing that you always had to disinfect your hands before entering & you could only walk in by wearing a face-mask. A wing where your beloved people were under therapy & you had to be extremely careful with your contact with them since any small virus could be lethal.

In order to welcome 2021 with a wish for health to everybody, we have decided to set up a donation. On our website, you will find 4 categories of wonderful & handmade "Good Luck Charms & Bracelets" for the new year. The cost of them is 7.5€, 10€, 12.5€ & 15€ regarding the type. You can choose the type you like the most & we will contact you to give you a list of the different option available at the moment so you can choose your favourite. All the money gathered from the sale of those items will be donated to the aforementioned "Hospital Wing" in the form of medical equipment that they will request.

You can find the "Good Luck Charms & Bracelets" categories here!



Sincerely thank you for your support,
Georgios E. Mitrakas (greek foodtales founder)
Maria G. Mitraka (craft art maker)

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