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Food for us
is a way of life

"Greek foodtales" was created based on the need we feel to promote the Greek food culture known for its richness in quality, taste and nutritional value. Cooking is an integral part of our Greek mentality, lifestyle and culture and as people say "we are what we eat". Our goal is to explore and present this unique gastronomic treasure with a fresh and innovative approach.

Our "tales" begin with the meticulous selection of high quality products of all kinds that will be more than just ingredients. They will be your guides when following recipes into the world of the Mediterranean diet. And as our "foodtales" unravel, an amazing journey of the senses begins through the green fields and over the blue seas of Greece.

Our inspiration is the olive tree, the symbol and heart of the Greek diet. We imagine sitting around an olive tree in an ever-growing circle that welcomes everybody... savoring tastes and aromas... enveloped in music and sharing good stories.

Good food is always tastier when shared. For us food is much more than just a necessity... it is pleasure.

With the help of our food we intend to turn your life into a "tasty-tale".

The storytellers
George Mitrakas
Food Product Design

George is the creator. He holds a postgraduate degree in Food Product Design, has worked in the R&D department of a big multinational food company and after many years in the food industry in Greece he decided to combine his knowledge and skills. This is how the idea of promoting the gastronomic treasures of Greece in The Netherlands was born. His main focus from now onwards will be to introduce the world to the Greek cuisine through creative recipes and wonderful stories with historical and cultural elements of our country.
Theodoros Matakiadis
PhD. in Agriculture

Thodoris is actively involved in the Greek community in The Netherlands and has organized Greek dancing and photography groups in the past. He is addicted to fresh ideas, creativity, the power of networking, good leadership and cooperation. He is our team organizer and our link to the Greek network and advertising channels.
Nikos Alexandrakis

Nikos is a producer himself in “Alexandrakis Farm” and completely identifies with the problems a supplier faces. He has also completed the “European Master in Food Studies” program.