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"Kotopoulo tou Ampelourgou" - Winemaker's Chicken Rolls

"Kotopoulo tou Ampelourgou" - Winemaker's Chicken Rolls
  • 120 minutes
  • Medium
  • 6 people

Step by step

A delicious recipe to prove that vine leaves are not only for ntolmadakia!

Start by filleting the chicken breasts to slices of around 1cm thick. Place them in a bowl & marinate them with the petimezi, aroma tale, sea salt, pepper & extra virgin olive oil. Let them rest & prepare the rest of the ingredients you need for your chicken rolls. Cut the kefalotiri in sticks of around 1cm (you will need around 12 of them). Take the vine leaves out of the jar, squeeze them to get out the water & open them on a plate so you can easily take them during rolling. Take the raisins in a small cup, the sweet red pepper pate & the baking papers.

Spread the baking paper & start placing the vine leaves without gaps in between them & form a rectangular of around 18x24cm. On top of it place the chicken fillets & form a smaller rectangular of around 12x16cm in the middle. In the middle & alongside the smaller side spread the sweet red pepper pate & the currants & place the kefalotiri sticks. Lift up the vine leaves from the one small side & start rolling carefully with the help of the baking paper while "closing" the rolls with the vine leaves sticking out on the sides. Roll all the baking paper & close the sides in order to have the roll tight firmly inside.

Place the rolls on an oven tray close to each other & pour the white wine. Place in a pre-heated oven at 180o(top resistance & air circulation). Cook for 30mins, then turn the rolls & cook for 20mins more (check if you need to cook for 10 more mins after you turn the rolls once again).

In the meantime, prepare the potatoes to accompany your chicken rolls. Wash the baby potatoes with the skin & cut in quarters. Place them in an oven tray, add all the ingredients & mix thoroughly. Cook in the oven (same settings) for 20mins, mix & cook for 10mins more (check if you need to cook for 10 more mins after you mix once again).

When the chicken rolls are ready, take them out of the oven tray, let the wine run out of the baking paper & place them on a plate to cool down for around 10mins. When they set you can remove the baking paper & cut in half or in slices & serve with some of the potatoes.

Enjoy with a glass of good Greek wine of course!!! 

List of ingredients

For the Chicken Rolls

900g Chicken Fillets (2 Big Breasts)

200g Vine Leaves (~60 pieces)

180g Kefalotiri (Yellow Hard Cheese)

100g Pate Piperias Florinis (Sweet Red Pepper Pate)

100g Black Currants

50ml BIO Petimezi (Grape Molasses)

50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2x Pinches Aroma Tale Herb Mix

2x Pinches Pure Sea Salt

2x Pinches Freshly Grinded Pepper Mix

6x Baking Paper Leaves

200ml White Wine


For the Potatoes

600g Baby Potatoes

100g Pate Piperias Florinis (Sweet Red Pepper Pate)

100g Black Currants

25ml BIO Petimezi (Grape Molasses)

25ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2x Pinches Aroma Tale Herb Mix

2x Pinches Pure Sea Salt

2x Pinches Freshly Grinded Pepper Mix

50ml White Wine

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We make it with the following ingredients
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"BIO Ampelofilla", Organic Vine Leaves (200g) - "Marianna's Vineleaves"
"Paté Piperias Florinis", Sweet Red Pepper Paste - "rizes"
"Kefalotiri", Traditional Yellow Hard Cheese - "Kolios"
"BIO Petimezi", Non-Heat Processed Organic Grape Juice Syrup - "Karagelis"
"Mavres Stafides", Greek Black Currants - "Greek Nuts"
"Kritiko Elaiolado", Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml) - "MiTerra"

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"Psilo Thalassino Alati Mesologgiou", Fine Pure Sea Salt from Messolonghi - "Salt Odyssey"
"Milos me Meigma 4 Piperion", Mill with 4 Assorted Peppercorns - "Salt Odyssey"
"Aroma Tale", Natural Greek Oregano, Thyme & Savoury Mix - "GREEK & authentic"
"Malagouzia-Assyrtiko 2018" (P.G.I. Peloponnese), Dry White Wine Blend (3lt) - "Cavistas"

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