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Food Euphoria Festival

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The Greek letter “φ” is known as the “golden ratio” or the “divine proportion” in Mathematics & Arts & was first studied by Pythagoras & Euclid in Ancient Greece. But what has this to do with our Festival?

Food or φαγητό (fagitó) in Greek, is our way to bring euphoria to your hearts. The word euphoria is derived from the Ancient Greek terms εὐφορία: εὖ (eu) meaning “well” & φέρω (pherō) meaning “to bear”. During “Food Euphoria Festival” we want to give this great feeling by offering to you the golden ratio of food & drinks, workshops & acts, music & dancing.

Thus, we organise a day full of Greek:

– producers that let you taste & give you more details on their qualitative food & drink products, traditional or innovative
– caterers that offer you delicious snacks during the day, but also Greek beers, wines & spirits to accompany them
– chefs & food bloggers that will present you nice & interesting workshops
– bands, actors & dancing groups that will create the necessary party atmosphere
& there is a last element missing to have the proportion that will make this day divinely euphoric to all of us… it is you & your friends & family!

Take them with you & join us for an unforgettable day…

You can find more information here: www.foodeuphoriafestival.nl

Book your tickets here

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