"Anatolische" - Grieks Street Food

"Anatolische" - Grieks Street Food
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"Anatolian" is a proof that Greek Street Food can be modern & delicious!

Start by cutting & mixing the fresh parsley & the red onion. Also, finely chop the "moustopiperia". We propose the sweet one but if you love "hot" food then switch it with the spicy version.

Cut the petals of smoked buffalo sausages in 2 & put them on the BBQ (or your oven) for around 10mins.

After a while put the pita breads on the BBQ (or your oven) for around 4mins.

Prepare 4 pieces of wrapping paper slightly bigger than the size of the pita bread.

Repeat the following 4 times:

Place the warm pita bread in the middle of the wrapping paper. Spread a generous amount of hummus diametrically. Drizzle over the line with the chopped moustopiperia of your choice & the parsley-onion mix. Let the warm buffalo sausage lay on them. Wrap nicely & tightly. Cut in style in half.

Enjoy all of it... & repeat!

List of ingredients

4x Premium Kwaliteit Buffel Worsten van 90-100g 

4x Pita Broden

200-300g Hummus

100-150g Moustopiperia

1x Kleine Rode Ui

1x Kleine Bos van Verse Peterselie

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