Ingelegde Groen Tomaat gevuld met Groenten - "Lagadas Boerderij"

Ingelegde Groen Tomaat gevuld met Groenten - "Lagadas Boerderij"
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"Lagadas Farm", pickled vegetables & mezze (antipasti)
with the utmost respect for
gastronomy & traditionearth & its fruitsfood & its recipients!

In 2010, founder Nikos Kamariotis & his son Angelos decided to start a gastronomic journey, with an emphasis on tradition, to redefine pickled vegetables. Through innovative & tasty suggestions, their goal remains to bring pickled vegetables back into our everyday lives, for a casual table setting but with a gourmet twist. The Farms’ 10,000m2 lay in the fertile valley of Lagadas, on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. There, their vegetables are cultivated with care, dedication & respect to the earth. In their modern production unit, the excellent raw materials in combination with the traditional recipes that our ancestors brought with them from Asia Minor, offer the pure & delicious "Lagadas Farm's" food experience.

Pickled & stuffed green tomato, as beautiful on the outside as it tastes on the inside! Another one of the most traditional pickled Greek products & especially in Lagadas' fertile valley that is famous for the quality of its tomatoes. With the addition of pickled vegetables & the appropriate herbs, it is a product full in flavour, low in calories & rich in probiotics that surely impresses the eclectic foodies.

"Lagadas Farm"... a World of Delicate Taste!

Vervaldatum: 31-03-2020

  • Ingrediënten
    Water, Groen Tomaat 60% op Gedroogd Gewicht, Groenten Vulling (Kool, Rode Peper, Wortel, Selderij, Knoflook in Variabele Verhouding), Rode Peper, Selderij, Zout, Azijn, Specerijen, Calciumchloride. Zuurteregelaar: Melkzuur, Conserveermiddelen: Natriumbenzoaat, Kaliumsorbaat, Sulfieten.
  • Allergie-informatie
    Selderij, Sulfieten
  • Voedingswaarde-informatie
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