Griekse Bergthee Bloesems - "1450 Helleens Uitzonderlijke Kruiden"

Griekse Bergthee Bloesems - "1450 Helleens Uitzonderlijke Kruiden"
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From the mountainous mass of Grammos & an average altitude of 1450m...
straight to your mug & under the level of its warm water!

Efthymis & Vassilis, the 2 brothers behind "1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs", cultivate with respect to nature their greek mountain tea (Sideritis Raeseri) in the mountainous mass of Grammos & specifically in the mountainous settlement of Kotyli in the prefecture of Kastoria. A cultivation at an average altitude of 1,450m that is surrounded by forests of fir, pine, beech, cedar & natural water sources. A unique microclimate that allows their tea plants to thrive & offer exceptional organoleptic characteristics in the most physical way.

"Greek Mountain Tea", also known as "Ironwort" or "Shepherd's Tea", belongs to the Lamiaceae’s family & to the genus of Sideritis. In Greece, it is known from the ancient times & is referred by Theophrastus (372-287 B.C.) & Dioscuride (10 A.D. century). It is said that it took that name because it has the ability to cure wounds made from iron objects & according to others because the shape of the blossom looks like a lance’s peak. It contains flavonoids & has a beneficial effect on colds, in inflammations of the upper respiratory system, combat dyspepsia & gastrointestinal disorders. It is considered to be a natural analgesic, antioxidant & anxiolytic.

Great Taste Awards 2018 - Comments: Very attractive sunshine colour, bright with good clarity. Attractive presentation – the buds are whole, bright & beautiful. Light aroma, grassy notes on the nose. Delicate vegetal, citrus & subtle herbal notes on the palate. Altogether a refreshing drink with mild herbal & citrus notes. The judges felt this is a very pleasant soothing tea, made with a good quality ingredient.

 Enjoy the purity & the amazing fragrances of the greek land...

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    Griekse Bergthee (Sideritis Raeseri) Bloesems - Cafeïne Vrij (Product onder conversie naar biologisch)
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1450 Helleens Uitzonderlijke Kruiden