"Energie Booster", BIO Zongedroogde Vijgen "to go!" (B.O.B.) - "Askada Boerderij"

"Energie Booster", BIO Zongedroogde Vijgen "to go!" (B.O.B.) - "Askada Boerderij"
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Nothing Compares the Unique Taste & Delicate Texture
of the Organic Sundried Figs of Kymi! 

In the middle of the Aegean Sea & the rich biodiversity within landscapes, an organic fig farm, the "Askada Farm", was created in Kymi, on the Greek island of EviaFor Evaggelia & Stathis, the couple behind "Askada Farm", the source of inspiration is their passion for the exquisite fig of Kymi, which is one of the main elements of the "Mediterranean Diet" since antiquity. Their aim is to highlight the unique characteristics & the fascinating process required to create an "Askada Fig", in the middle of the Greek summer with the contribution of the Aegean breeze. They are dedicated to offer the most delicious sundried figs & to produce exceptional products that combine inspiration & culinary culture!

The all natural & handmade organic sundried figs are the result of a rigorous & charming multi-staged process, which maintains the local culinary tradition, producing a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) product of exceptional quality & completely free of sulphur or other additives. Caring for each fig individually creates the "Askada", which in the local dialect describes the delicacy occurring from the "marriage" of 2 opened sundried figs of Kymi. Full of aromas & tastes from local herbs, they are an excellent source of minerals, antioxidants & dietary fibers.

Juicy, Aromatic & Delicious... Authentic Superfood!

  • Ingrediënten
    Biologische Zongedroogde Vijgen van Kymi (Beschermde Oorsprongs Benaming - Klasse A'). De mogelijke kristallisatie van de suikers van de vijgen kan een witte korst op het oppervlak veroorzaken. Dit proces is 100% natuurlijk.
  • Allergie-informatie
    Glutenvrij. Lactosevrij. Geen Zwavel Toegevoegd.
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