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"Pantzarlou" - Crazy Beetroot Salad

"Pantzarlou" - Crazy Beetroot Salad
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"Pantzarlou"... a salad with a crazy combination & a crazy way of serving!

Take off the seeds of the green apple & cut it with the boiled beetroots in small cubes. Add them with the sultana raisins in a big jar & break also the "pasteli" in small pieces in there. Close the jar & keep it in the fridge. Prepare the yoghurt dressing by adding all the ingredients & mixing well. Put it in a small bottle or a big shot glass & place it in the fridge too. When serving, take the jar at the table & open it. Pour in the dressing, close the lid & shake well in front of your guests to mix nicely all the ingredients & "wet" them with the dressing. Open it & serve with a spoon & fork from the jar!

Appearance, smell & taste... that will amaze everybody!

List of ingredients

For the Beetroot Salad:

200g Cooked Beetroots

½x Sour Green Apple

25g Sultana Raisins

25g Crunchy "Pasteli" (Sesame Seeds Bar)

For the Yoghurt Dressing:

50g Authentic Greek Yoghurt

20ml Water

20ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2x Garlic Cloves

1 pinch of Fine Sea Salt

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