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In 1999 Vasilis Papadopoulos’s family created a small family business in the village of Kerkini at Serres, the butcher shop “Billy”. Over the years, the passion, dedication, respect for the customer & the excellent quality of their local meat have been recognized by their customers all around Greece.

A few years later, in 2006, they decided to stop the farming of other cattle & to deal exclusively with the butchery with the rearing of buffalo. Today, they are pleased to present the development of all this effort with the creation of a new corporate image called Kerkini Farm.

Their family farm is is the only vertically integrated buffalo meat unit in Greece over all stages of the chain “from farm to fork”! All farm’s buffaloes are individually identified & certified by the “Ministry of Agricultural Development”. Its facilities are located next to “Kerkini Lake”, a protected wetland by the “International Ramsar Treaty”, that is ideal for the buffaloes’ living.

They very proudly share with us their knowledge:

“Around Lake Kerkini today live most of the country’s buffaloes. A dairy animal very well adapted to the wetlands of  Macedonia, Thrace & Thessaly. In the 1950s there were around 75,000 animals throughout the country but in 1992 they were reduced to just 600. Today, there are about 2,000 water buffaloes throughout Greece, of which 1,600 are located around Kerkini.

Buffaloes, unknown to the general public, stand out for the deliciousness & nutritional value of meat, a rich source of iron, phosphorus & vitamin A.

Our animals live by the lake, spend much of their day in the water & feed on native plants of the region, a key element in the quality of the meat. Our buffaloes are part of the fauna in Lake Kerkini are bred, grown & reproduced under natural conditions.

Useful Information: The Kerkini Farm produces a wide range of buffalo products“kavourmas” is a unique product within their collection. It is high-nutritional meat containing vitamin A, high levels of protein & just 4% fat that translates to only 130 calories per 100g.

…& if this information is not convincing enough then try our “Kerkini’s Miracle” or “Anatolian” recipes & taste the premium quality of Kerkini Farm’s buffalo products!

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