Panna Cotta Greka

A Novel Recipe with Genuine Products
Cook Time
10 mins
4 people


330ml Goat Kefir

500g Traditional Sheep Yoghurt

200g Powdered Sugar

2x Pinches Fleur de Sel

6x Gelatin Sheets

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cocoa Powder

(Optional: Edible Flowers for Decoration)


Step by step
“Panna Cotta Greka” is our version of this famous dessert
with a novel combination of genuine Greek products!

Pour the kefir in a deep pan & heat up. When warm add the powdered sugar & the fleur de sel & stir well. You need to dissolve the solids in the kefir & not boil the mix so stir well & remove from the heat on time. Meanwhile, place the gelatin sheets in cold water to swell. Add them in the warm kefir mix & mix well to dissolve them completely. Take off the skim from the traditional sheep yoghurts & add the yoghurts in the pan. Mix thoroughly in order to break any possible lumps. Place it in 4 forms (tip: you can use the empty yoghurt cups) & let them cool down a bit before placing them in the fridge for 4-5h till they solidify. When ready remove them from their forms & place them on a nice plate dusted with cocoa. Drizzle nicely with the early harvest extra virgin olive oil & decorate with some edible flowers.

Let your taste buds get impressed!

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