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The “olive tale”


The olive tree is the symbol of Greece. The olives it makes are its fruit & our first childhood memories.

beautiful video of a typical day in the Greek nature

olives from PALATE Family Farm on Vimeo.

Children are taught from a very young age how to respect & handle this national Greek treasure. The child picks the olives with its tiny hands… but does not eat them. It is already clear that the concept of a “fresh” olive does not exist… olives are bitter & hard when picked off a tree. The olives that are collected will become olive oil or edible olives.

So the child knows that the olives it picked, will be slit one by one & will be placed in brine for a few days/weeks to ferment until they are debittered & softened. This is how oleuropein, the trees’ natural defence is taken away. Oleuropein is a polyphenol that makes olives unappealing to many hungry creatures of the animal kingdom!!

So the child presses the olives under the water surface to make sure that in a few days they can be enjoyed just as it likes them!

You can taste our olives HERE.

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