Hummus by Angelo Kremmydas

Head Chef at "nacarat"
Cook Time
60 mins
4 people


  • 400g Boiled BIO Greek Small Chickpeas from Small Family Farms
  • 320ml Water from the Boiled Chickpeas
  • 4g Cumin
  • 16ml Lemon Juice
  • 100g BIO Macedonian Tahini
  • 4g Fine Pure Messolonghi Sea Salt
  • 24ml BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 24ml Garlic Confit Olive Oil


Step by step

“Hummus” by Angelo Kremmydas,
the Head Chef of “nacarat” restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam.

“Angelo’s passion for cooking started when he was young, getting involved in his mother’s cooking. Being raised by a Dutch mother, family dinners always involved different flavours: from traditional Greek dishes up to nasi goreng & Surinamse rotis. He is all about trying new things & new cuisines & we are happy to provide him with the best Greek food products for his tasteful creations.”

Boil the BIO Small Chickpeas with 1/4 white onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 thyme string & 1 bay leaf.

Cook them for around 30-45 mins until they are really soft.

Strain & remove the vegetables & spices & keep the cooking water.

Blend the ingredients at high speed while slowly adding the liquids for 5-10mins.

TIP: Enjoy it with a Smoked Buffalo Sausage & “Moustopiperia” in a Pita Bread…

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